Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling

The Folks Down the Street

Bet you don’t really know the folks down the street!

This is a series of short videos intended to focus attention on the many faces of addictive behavior, created in partnership with Anazao Community Partners and Birdeye Design. These videos were funded by the Gambling Treatment and Prevention Grant from Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services. For more information, visit or call (330) 264-9597.

Who are we trying to reach?

The universe of targets for gambling prevention is divided into three parts: the hosts (gamblers), agent (gambling), and environment (social context). This problem is aimed at hosts (Marotta & Hynes, 2003). Prevention: Teens, young adults, and adults Treatment: Individuals screened or referred to Anazao Community Partners for gambling disorders.

What kinds of services can people receive? How many are getting services now?

  • Prevention: 741
  • Treatment: 1044 screened, 2 treated
  • Video Views: 463

What recovery goals are in place for those in this program?

  1. Use information dissemination, education, and community-based process strategies to prevent the onset of gambling disorders in teens and young adults.
  2. Use evidence-based screening, assessment, and treatment to treat individuals identified as problem gamblers.

Is there any proof that this program can help?

Adolescent problem gamblers engage in other addictive behaviors (alcohol and other drugs) and often have a history – commonalities of risk factors for problem gambling and other problematic behavior (Ladouceur, as cited in Dickson et. al, 2002). So – how do we prevent problem gambling among youth? The idea is to enhance protective factors like family cohesion and connectedness to school, while strengthening coping abilities and the surrounding environment. This is contrary to a “just say no” approach, but increases resiliency – so that’s what we will measure moving forward. (Fulkerson, 1993).

Is there anything else we should know about gambling prevention and treatment?

Broadcasted prevention efforts are associated with an uncalculated number of variables. Also, there is some difficulty in gauging video success as a continuous series as opposed to each individual video.