You Don’t Have to Parent Alone

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You Don't have to Parent Alone Mental Health Recovery board

Parenting Resources from The Counseling Center of Wayne and Holmes Counties

We take classes, attend workshops, and watch online trainings for things all the time. Most of the time, they are for things like our hobbies or our home improvement projects or to step out of our comfort zone and learn something new. But why does it seem like we are expected to know how to tackle some of the biggest tasks and challenges in our society on our own?


One of these big things is parenting. Some gain insight by watching their parents do it, but some have no basis on how to navigate such a task. In today’s society, parenting comes with more complex layers as our country and communities become more open to talking about the effects of mental health and mental illness. If you’re a new parent or a parent navigating new waters, The Counseling Center has some resources to help. They offer two totally different parenting programs.


Program 1: The Incredible Years Parenting Program


Children can be difficult sometimes. It is important to remember that it is normal for children to have behaviors that are problematic and a challenge to parents. Parents have difficult moments too. Just as all children misbehave, all parents feel angry, frustrated, guilty or incompetent at times. Parents try different approaches and make mistakes along the way as they learn what works. Enjoy Parenting as you get better at it. There is no magic formula - yet, you can learn new effective strategies, receive support, and enjoy parenting with the Incredible Years program. This program was created for parents of 2-8 year olds and consists of fourteen 2-hour classes. Parents will learn effective uses of play, praise, rewards, and limit setting. Parents will collaborate with the facilitator through discussion and video examples and practice during and in “homework” between sessions. It is a completely free resource.  


Program 2: The Parent Project


Have you ever asked: What do I do if my child refuses to do schoolwork or even go to school? What do I do when my child won’t help around the house? What can I do when my child screams or curses at me? What can I do when my child won’t even talk to me? How can I show love for a child who is almost always rude and breaking rules? My kid is an out of control drug user and may be addicted. What should I do? The Parent Project is a parent group and class designed specifically for parents of strong-willed or out-of-control adolescents. The cost is $75 for ten weeks of sessions.


If you have interest in either of these programs, visit or contact Jim Foley, MSW, LISW Counseling Center of Wayne & Holmes Counties:


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