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OneEighty Residential Treatment Services

OneEighty Residential Treatment Services

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Did you know that OneEighty began in 1977 as Every Woman's House? Every Woman’s House was known as a safe haven for female victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Although Every Woman’s House and OneEighty have always had housing options available, in 2021, OneEighty started Transitional Recovery Housing. This program is for clients coming out of residential addiction treatment who may still need ongoing support and may also need assistance with employment and finding permanent housing.

OneEighty and WHMRB


Today, we are answering some of our community's most common questions about one of OneEighty’s newest programs and offering an inside look into the spaces that serve as a safe haven for both men and women today.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I get admitted into a treatment/residential addiction program?            

Call the main office at 330-264-8498 and ask about residential treatment, or send an email to:


Are there always beds available at the residential treatment facility?

This changes on a daily basis, but the staff works hard to get people into appropriate treatment as quickly as possible. If you’re interested in treatment programming, contact the main office at 330-264-8498.


How long do I have to stay in treatment?

Residential addiction treatment is usually around 60 days, but recovery is a process that includes ongoing support and therefore additional services such as counseling and other individual needs are dependent upon each person.


What is the waitlist for residential treatment?

General treatment programming does not require any waiting period. Individuals need to first complete the intake/assessment process. Start by connecting with OneEighty at 330-264-8498.


How can I get into a recovery house?    

To be considered for our Recovery Housing Program, a person must have a minimum of 30 days of sobriety, be involved in some type of recovery support system (usually a 12-step program), have a minimum of 30 days of verifiable employment, and provide the required deposit prior to moving in. A referral needs to be submitted for the applicant, and then the applicant is interviewed by Recovery Housing staff to make sure the program is a good fit for the applicant.


Is Residential Treatment successful?

A success shared by OneEighty: “Julie entered residential treatment. She successfully completed the program and went on to Transitional Recovery Housing. Through this program, she was able to then successfully complete intensive outpatient treatment, find employment, and now has moved into long-term recovery housing through OneEighty. She is finding independence as well as a new sober support community. She was also able to complete her 12-steps recently.”


Residential Treatment is blessed to have an active recovery community that supports current residents with sponsors and/or support groups. The residential addiction program regularly hears from graduates and we are proud to know about their continued success!


If you are interested in learning more about OneEighty’s Residential Treatment Services, get in touch with them today: 330-264-8498


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Read more about the history of the Residential Treatment facilities from John Fishburn, Residential Director: Read Here


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