One-Eighty: Domestic Violence Services

Submitted by WHMHRB on Tue, 10/04/2022 - 12:20am

OneEighty and WHMRB


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month across the United States, but here in Wayne and Holmes Counties, One-Eighty is doing the important work of helping survivors of domestic violence year-round. 

One-Eighty is a vital community resource, providing services to overcome addiction, improve mental health, and recover from dangerous situations. Their mission reads: “We’re advocates, hope providers, recovery warriors, and grassroots community leaders. We actively support an evidence-based approach to sustainable recovery from trauma and addiction -- restoring dignity and purpose, reimagining potential, and rebuilding lives.” 

One-Eighty is committed to helping survivors of domestic violence recover from their abuse and move forward with their lives. They offer several services to help survivors and their children, including an emergency shelter known as Julia’s Place. Because one consequence of escaping domestic violence can be homelessness, Julia’s Place helps bridge the gap between an unsafe and safe living arrangement. At Julia’s Place, residents have space to heal and recover. They also have access to case management, domestic abuse counseling, educational classes, housing assistance, life skills, and parenting courses.

For non-residents, One-Eighty offers professional mental healthcare for both adults and children who are coping with the trauma of domestic violence. When appropriate, family and marital counseling is also available. One-Eighty accepts Medicaid and ensures that mental healthcare is accessible and affordable for all who need it. 

Legal and safety concerns surrounding domestic violence can be fraught for survivors. One-Eighty’s Victim Advocacy services aim to assist survivors with these complicated circumstances. Victim Advocacy services include, legal referrals, court accompaniment, assistance filing for protective orders, hospital advocacy, and safety planning. Compassionate advocates give survivors not only practical support, but compassionate care during difficult times. As survivors decide how to move forward with their lives, One-Eighty advocates can help them conduct a Danger Assessment Plan to determine the safest course of action in leaving their domestic violence situation. All Victim Advocacy services are free of charge. 

Finally, One-Eighty provides ongoing group support through their Empower program. Empower helps survivors of domestic violence connect and support one another during their recovery. A trained mental health professional facilitates these sessions.

One-Eighty’s incredibly comprehensive services for domestic violence survivors are invaluable to the communities of Wayne and Holmes Counties. We are proud that they are a community partner, and honored to support their work.

If you or someone you know needs assistance in leaving a domestic violence situation, please contact the 27/7 One-Eighty hotline: 1-800-686-1122. For non-emergency situations, call  330-264-8498. To access additional resources about domestic violence, visit their resource page. 

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