National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Submitted by WHMHRB on Sun, 01/30/2022 - 2:39pm
national random acts of kindness day

February 17th is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. We are excited to share about this topic because it is one of the easiest ways to create simple solutions for yourself if you are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, or worry. It is an engaging and encouraging way to interact with a friend or family member who may be feeling some of these ways too. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation did some scientific research as to how spreading kindness can boost mental health so we wanted to share those findings with you today.


How can spreading kindness boost mental health?

Kindness increases oxytocin, sometimes known as the “love hormone”, which helps in lowering blood pressure and overall heart health. An increase in oxytocin is an increase in self-esteem and optimism which can aid in reducing stress and social anxiety. Spreading kindness can increase energy levels and result in feeling calmer and less depressed paired with increased feelings of self-worth. Being generous with time and money can result in being happier, more pleased with self and others, and can increase serotonin, which is the same chemical that anti-depressants stimulate.


On the flip side, increasing kindness throughout our daily lives can decrease pain by increasing endorphins – aka the brain’s natural painkiller. People who regularly perform random acts of kindness have 23% less cortisol, the stress hormone. Anxiety, depression, and blood pressure can all be decreased through one simple act as well.


What are some Random Acts of Kindness ideas?

-        Be kind to a server

-        Reply to a post you enjoy or encourage someone on social media

-        Create bookmarks and put them around the local library

-        Ask a senior to share a story about their past

-        Gift an inspirational book

-        Send an encouraging email

-        Write down someone’s best qualities and send them a handwritten letter

-        Share your favorite recipe

-        Compliment someone’s clothes, their well-behaved children, or how well they are doing in their career

-        Take a walk outside and say hello to everyone you see

-        Clean your room, or someone else’s, or some gym equipment, or a kitchen counter


Tell us your favorite random acts of kindness or share a kind act you recently saw someone perform! Mental Health & Recovery Board is taking the challenge. We hope you will too!


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