Alcohol Abuse Prevention

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Alcohol Abuse Prevention

Alcohol is the most used substance by youth and adults in the United States. Drinking alcohol is a topic that the majority of people would either say they participate in themselves or know someone who drinks. However, the effects of alcohol and alcohol use disorders also reach everyone. The Mental Health & Recovery Board of Wayne & Holmes Counties and our funded organizations are your local partners in prevention and treatment - providing resources and increasing awareness and understanding of the causes and treatment of one of our nation’s top public health problems: alcoholism.


For many, denial is a common trait among those struggling with alcoholism or alcohol abuse. Common mistakes are underestimating the amount they drink, the duration of their drinking challenges, and the impact it has on their life or overestimating their ability to control their drinking or to quit. Denial is also common among friends and family members who are uncomfortable acknowledging the gravity and reality of the situation. That is why this topic is so relevant to our society.


The unawareness of the danger of alcohol abuse or the inability to speak up in an unsafe situation has led to many preventable deaths. In an article on Alcohol Use & Alcoholism Statistics in the U.S., The American Addiction Centers shares, “Each year, an estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually and in 2014 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities accounted for 31% of overall driving fatalities (9,967 deaths). Unfortunately, these deaths could have been avoided, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States.”


There are resources available to help us be aware of these habits, in ourselves and in others. April 7th is National Alcohol Screening Day. Acknowledging that this habit could be unhealthy and ultimately, harmful, starts here. Take the screening online as a great start to step out in search of help.


But – it goes further. Reach out to our funded partner agencies that specialize in substance abuse and get the help you need for you or your loved one. They are ready to answer your questions like What is the most effective treatment for addiction?, What are examples of addiction treatment?, What is group addiction treatment like?, or What are examples of addiction treatment goals?.


Reach out today to work with our experts and implement a plan. OneEighty offers residential and outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Anazao offers substance use disorder services based on the model of abstinence. Catholic Charities, NAMI, and The Counseling Center all offer counseling for individuals and their families. AA Meetings are also offered every day throughout the community - view the schedule.


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